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Alberta Education Assurance Survey

Alberta Education Assurance Survey

Attention families with children in Grade 4-6. You will receive an Alberta Education Assurance Survey in your mailbox. Your participation will have an impact on your child’s education by supporting local and provincial planning education planning. Please watch for this valuable survey.

Survey Information

  • Surveys will start to arrive in community mailboxes after January 22, 2024
  • Surveys are completed electronically and are anonymous
  • Survey closes on March 01, 2024
  • For more information, including access to the survey, visit
  • If you prefer a paper copy, please contact your school principal as soon as possible

By completing the survey, you are giving our school, our local school authority, and the provincial government important information to gauge the quality of education your child is receiving and ensure they are being prepared for success.

Survey responses are tabulated at the school authority and school level, and as part of the assurance process, school authorities, such as the Grande Prairie Public School Division, then report their Alberta Education Assurance Survey results to their communities through their education plans and annual education results reports. You can find the latest survey results on our school division website.

Alberta Education has school authorities share the results with their communities so that Albertans can see how their school authority is performing and ensures that the entire education system is more open and accountable.

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